Client Area: Email

To set up a new email account on your PC follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Choose tools, accounts, add, mail.
    (setup wizard appears)
  3. Fill in the display name (whatever you want to call this account)
    (next screen)
  4. Enter you email address as yourusername@yourdomainname
    (next screen)
  5. Your incoming mail server is an IMAP server.
    Your incoming mail server is
    Your outgoing mail server is
    (next screen)
  6. You now need to set up authentication to send mail. Choose tools, accounts, mail, and double-click the account you just created.
  7. Click on "Servers". Click "My outgoing mailserver requires authentication"
  8. (Optional) If you are behind a firewall wich stops you connecting to the outgoing mailserver, click on "Advanced" and use port 587 for outgoing mail (next screen)
  9. Enter your username
    Enter your passphrase (or leave it blank if you don't want the computer to remember it - this is a good security measure)
  10. Done!

If you're lucky enough not to be running Windows, the procedure is broadly similar. The essential information you'll need is as follows:

IMAP incoming server:
your username
your passphrase

SMTP outbound server:
your username
your passphrase

Ripserve supports IMAPS and SMPTS. We recommend you use these encryption features to prevent eavesdropping, especially if you connect wirelessly.

By default, your disk space quota is 40GB. The largest single email you can send or receive is 90M.

If you need to change your passphrase, or set up or delete new accounts, contact Ripserve.

Ripserve provides webmail. You can check and send email online from any computer at Login with your usual username and passphrase and follow the instructions onscreen.

Customers who abuse their email accounts to send bulk commercial email may have their privileges revoked. Similarly, Ripserve takes the following measures against incoming spam:

  • A number of systems worldwide which have sent spam in the past are blacklisted. Open relays are also blacklisted.
  • Most known viruses are blocked. There are restrictions on the kinds of attachments that can be sent.
  • Ripserve blocks email from known spammers using the list maintained at

    In all the above cases, the sender is notified of the problem. No email is rejected without a warning.

    Ripserve tags all incoming mail with X-Spam tags, which can be used to filter incoming spam by certain mail programs.

    In the unikely event you receive spam, ignore it. Replying only confirms to the sender that they have reached a valid email account. Ripserve takes the issues of spam and viruses seriously, but (as per the fine print on our legal terms and conditions) customers are responsible for their own computers.